Communication Systems

Offering the latest technology in helmet communication systems.

Sena SMH10R

Thanks to Bluetooth and the advanced digital signal processing technology inherited Sena Bluetoothfrom the SMH10, the SMH10R offers the best sound quality for both incoming and outgoing sound. The super-thin, compact form factor contributes high performance for sport bike riding making the SMH10R a perfect communication system for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Torc Bluetooth Full Face Helmet

TORC redefines the full face helmet by packing all the needed communications features Torc Bluetoothinto an affordably priced, stylish helmet.

Want a demo?

Call handsfree on your Bluetooth mobile phone, listen to stereo music, and much more.

Let us show you how to set up and use Bluetooth technology while you’re on the road and experience how rider-to-rider, and rider-to-passenger communication system's work. Come in and let us show you how it works and try out the systems first hand.

Communication Systems and Listening Devices

Technology has developed quickly making the use of communication systems easy to use and affordable. Enjoy the convenience of listening to music without cumbersome wiring, and the ability to turn music on and off quickly and safely. Communicate rider-to-rider, and bike-to-bike to make your ride safer and more fun. We carry a variety of motorcycle helmet communication systems using Bluetooth technology. Let our knowledgeable staff help you set up and choose the right system.

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